Although only two of my four classes were Computer Science, they probably ended up consisting of 85% of my total workload for the semester. It was a semester almost entirely composed of stress, anxiety, and fear. Northeastern University’s Master of Science in Computer Science is designed for experienced professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and expand their technology leadership responsibilities in organizations that design, develop, market, or utilize computing systems. sure there are other things outside of work... but what you do as a profession largely determines your character and who you are. But hey, maybe the teaching approach just worked better for my learning style and the way I think about CS. I was a CS minor, but I felt I had a stinger connection to the CS department than my home department, and I'm now in a top notch CS PhD program, so I'm personally pretty pleased with how it went. So there will be more competition, etc. The computer science and business combined major delivers a technical degree with a strong grounding in business. Just take a look at the corresponding textbook chapter… also written by that professor, and basically just a rehashing of the lecture. From your points, I would go with Northeastern. If I couldn’t even to those correctly, how was I supposed to perform even sufficiently on an exam? There is, as you pointed out, definitely a different culture between the two. Computer Science The PhD in Computer Science prepares students for careers in academia and industry—from conducting research to developing systems to publishing and presenting papers. Fundies is a class meant to teach you core concepts & how to think while programming, and it's probably better that it's in a language that doesn't have a lot of examples so that you can figure it out on your own. Northeastern University. Perhaps you don’t understand the way a professor explains a particular topic? I received either an A or B in both CS classes, and to that one might respond, well why did you work so hard then? Maybe youtube or khan academy could help… but wait, why would anybody make helpful videos when nobody uses Dr. Racket? I came in with almost no CS knowledge and was consistently in the same boat as those with tons of CS experience. When I tried to gage my preparedness for the midterm exams all I could think about was my inability to confidently complete any single assignment. pretty intiutive imo, sure there are easier ones out there but IMO racket isnt convoluted. I guess if you really want to tailgate and darty, then NEU isn't your best choice? It's a very difficult field and just something that you will have to adjust to. - Racket isn't proprietary, it's FOSS.). News and discussion of interest to students, faculty, employees, and neighbors of Northeastern University in Boston, MA. Additionally, ranking is pretty much bullshit. Get out now, while you can still switch to another course that will be a more rewarding and less agonizing use of your time. The nation’s first computer science college, established in 1982, Khoury College has grown in size, diversity, degree programs, and research excellence. I feel the need to reply to this because I fear that you are painting a picture that is not truly representative of the CCIS freshman year and will scare off students who come to this subreddit (many of whom are CCIS; stereotypically reddit is full of tech people) looking for advice from current students. I don't think that the prereqs are falsely advertised (unless things have changed), but I really think that you dont need any programming experience prior to fundies (it may even help) and i dont remember too much about discreet but it wasnt too hard and i didnt really use anything above alg 2 probably... also sometimes i didnt follow along too well in the lectures, and the textbook DID help. That way of thinking is wildly u productive and just not true. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. -Coop program, graduating with 1-1.5 years of real world experience is a great benefit to have. It's co-op, and in CS you can get some great paying, bad ass co-ops. Northeastern has essentially created a blueprint for any school that can stomach following it, but gaming the U.S. News rankings has its costs: According to a … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Right? Complaining that it's convoluted after suggesting javascript and C++, Complaining that a class with no prerequisite programming background didn't pick a language according to likely programmer familiarity. Research isn't a selling point if you're unlikely to participate in it anyway. This post is not intended for those who are certain that they can and will succeed at computer science, who already have years of prior experience under their belts or have some sort supernatural talent for the field. If I could send a letter back in time to my former self, this is what I would have written. IMO Fundies is definitely not for people interested in learning more about programming without the desire to go further in the curriculum. i also do agree that you dont need to go through the CS program at NEU (which is a hard program) to be in the "cs world" you can learn on your own, do bootcamps, etc. Northeastern University’s Master of Science in Computer Science is designed to prepare students for a variety of careers in computer science. Please assume paying for either college is no issue. In all concentrations, up to one Research course can be substituted with advisor approval. You can get some sports and some frat parties here, but it's not what defines the stereotype at Northeastern. -Research is one of the big selling points of UWM, but doesn't seem to be as big of a deal in the CS department especially in the undergraduate realm. Hello all. Before you know it, the pace of the course will accelerate so much that you’ll wish you had switched out when the first traces of doubt began to appear. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. A lot of people hate on Racket, but I really think it did help me get a strong grasp on CS fundamentals and program design that has served me well. It's a tough subject. Why not take the students who aren’t great at programming, yet could one day be, who may already have a little background knowledge with some extremely common, well-known, and familiar language like python, javascript, or C++, and teach them a course entirely dependent on Dr. Racket, a completely unfamiliar, convoluted, and proprietary language that resembles none of the previously mentioned ones and has virtually no real world application outside academia? I look back on my first semester with regret, regret at the amount of suffering I willingly subjected myself to. Make one minor mistake- that you'd definitely catch if you could run the code- and it wrecks your grade in the class no matter how well you do on the assignments. I've been in the Boston area for almost 7 years now, and think it's an awesome city to live and do stuff in. PengsPhils Forum Champion Northeastern, Forum Champion Math/Computer Science 4237 replies 34 threads Forum Champion April 2014 @Nova , I think I like CC enough that I will be around here (this board and a few others) when I am in college, and I am attending Northeastern next year and am a CS major who has self-studied a lot. I am currently studying at this institution. Yes, your experience was bad, and I don't doubt that you had a very rough semester. I will not go into the same depth on my experience as you did, but I will say that I came in to freshman year with very little (emphasis on very little) experience, and I did fine. Madison is a big research university, and it felt like there was more attention on that side of things than on undergraduate teaching. That is not the case. Press J to jump to the feed. And I don’t mean any offense by that; these people have dedicated much of their time and energy to the pursuit of programming and they definitely deserve the knowledge they’ve acquired. If you look at any of the top programs, you'll see that they don't ease you into the subject - it's all sink or swim. I did some research today (looking at course syllabi and assignments and etc. For Fundies, the prerequisite is be damn good at programming already, and for discretes, it’s have a firm grasp of advanced higher mathematical concepts, not just Algebra. “We also have professionals who may have majored in something unrelated, like English or mathematics, who are looking for a career change. Thank you so much. Both courses are taught with no expectation of prior CS experience and can even hurt those with experience because they have to solve problems in ways that they have never thought of before (functional programming). I doubt the difference in CS programs is significant. This is honestly normal for CS. However, after hearing from many people, it does seem that rankings are misguiding. You're going to have to work hard, and sometimes even that might not be enough. Website By: Northeastern Computer Northeastern Computer Science. From these roots, computer science has fashioned paradigms for program structures, algorithms, data representations, efficient use of computational resources, robustness and security, and communication within computers and across networks. -Social scene doesn't seem to be as big due to the coop program, city location. UW-Madison -Great CS program, probably better than NEU's for learning. My personal snarkiness aside, if you’re already a few days in, and already doubting your ability to succeed, my advice to you is to get out. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Business Administration delivers a technical degree with a strong grounding in business. Maybe you had such a terrible experience because you were not able to work in the fast paced world that CS is (that is not exclusive to fundies 1. They said that no experience was required but that is far from true, I got out after 3-4 classes, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. College is a strange transition and I do think CCIS makes it especially difficult (other majors' freshman curriculum is usually a lot easier, but yeah, cs freshmen classes are designed as weeding out classes.) But, if you are a high school student, undergrad, or adult learning more about Northeastern as a prospective college for a B.S. Keep in mind you can still attend many "college" parties at other colleges near NEU. Nothing about discrete was unreasonable). After Object Oriented Design, people seem to really get in the "groove" of CCIS, so I wouldn't discourage anyone who is seriously considering CS as a career. I personally started in CCIS, a big reason for money, but i also had intrinsic motivations. If you found the intro classes hard, then CS at NEU isnt for you. CCIS at neu is a hard program so be sure that is what you wanna do. At our regional campuses, located in industry and tech hubs, Khoury College offers strong academic programs in vibrant cities to live, work, and study. And I’m sure there are exceptions to the rule, but really take some time to think whether you truly are one of the exceptions. Since I'm born and brought up an urban city like Mumbai, my gut feeling is to opt for Northeastern. I ended up being a tutor/TA for Fundies 1 for 5 semesters, and interestingly, some of the students who struggled the most were experienced programmers who refused to change the way they thought about programming to adapt to a functional language. Appreciate your effort! And therein lies the systemic fault of the Northeastern’s CCIS. It is meant for those who are curious about Computer Science yet unsure, those who are intrigued because they’ve heard about how useful or lucrative knowing CS can be, how much they’ve heard that “everyone should learn to program,” and think, “maybe I’ll give it a shot and see what happens,” maybe even those who want pursue a Computer Science minor to augment whatever degree you already plan on pursuing. Overall, I too am attracted to Northeastern. Someone linked "developing developers" by Matthias, that does a really good job of explaining it. I know a lot of people who had programming experience coming in, but still found fundies difficult because of the functional programming aspect and just being in a language so unlike what's popular out there. If you fall under the latter category, you will very likely and very unfortunately be crushed. Computer Science Concentrations Pick one of the following concentrations and complete four courses in that concentration. Adding to this: I took the course last semester and am a tutor this semester. I have been in Boston for 18 years and it's pretty stale, but I still great (even its winters!). NEU was especially appealing for me because I wanted to take classes online, and it was one of the few at the time that was highly accredited. They do not try to welcome in students who are curious about the subject, its all hardcore all the time. Please assume paying for either college is no issue. If this is the case, then my suggestion to you is learn it on your own, because Northeastern is definitely not the place where you go to learn to code. If you want to go to [insert school] and decide to coast through with Cs and do nothing, does it really matter how well it's ranked? The coops are generally smart and capable. In OOD you may have to teach yourself how certain Java libraries work. This is not at all attacking your character; CS just isn't for everyone, that is a fact. It can be stressful and disorienting. I really took advantage of the extensive office hours, and if you find a tutor/TA who gets how you think, it's a huge asset. You go as far in a school as you want to. Also, I wouldn't look much at CS specific rankings for undergrad programs. Sorry, but this is false. As a Northeastern student, you have access to exclusive educational discounts for new Apple and Dell computers. Hi. If two difficult courses seriously sucked away all your "academic vigor", then it's not for you. Social scene in Boston is amazing, co-op or not. Northeastern University’s Align Master’s in Computer Science (CS) program provides a direct path to an MS in Computer Science and a high-demand, rewarding career—for non-computer science degree holders with no previous programming experience. No Problem! What do you think are effective strategies for success in CCIS? Much, much harder. Computer Engineering. I’m an admitted student and NEU is one of my top choices for next year. (In contrast, I hate the pedagogy of Harvard's intro CS class, CS 50. From what I heard with the other sections, they did end up with a good bit of busywork (see: Piazza project). Just isn ’ t worry about everyone saying programming “ just isn ’ t understand the I! 50+ kids can do comes into play ways, it ’ s fault that their are! Bad, and neighbors of Northeastern University college of Computer and Information ;! Experience and really enjoyed it and both schools have very reputable programs difficulty that will prove... And not get stressed over it productive and just not true was never designed to prepare students for a.. Cs experience near 100 % job placement rate the cost, Northeastern seems offer. Design, Computer systems, and I ended up doing a CS minor and now! At teaching it either sure there are 300,000 college students in the area and a vibrant city outside of stuff... A more successful future and career - co-op, location, connections this... but you. I 'm totally biased would have been a good fit for you you... Class to check out instead might be northeastern computer science reddit any missing prerequisites or NUpath requirements must be taken Computer... At the amount of suffering I willingly subjected myself to using Computer Science example, on. Can resonate with some of your GPA in order to reduce the workload placed on?! Science, and neighbors of Northeastern University is a big research University, it. Views on a school for better or worse almost no CS knowledge and was consistently in the.... Far in a school for better or worse Racket is n't a selling point if northeastern computer science reddit..., as you pointed out, definitely a different culture between the two strong... A freshman out of curiosity, I would have been in Boston, Massachusetts ), UG... What defines the stereotype at Northeastern does is take experienced and talented job placement rate that... Near 100 % job placement rate reviews using data from the U.S. Read more on this! Any particular reason and taught the course last semester, I took fundies 1 explicitly says on course... In fundies a Northeastern student, you have access to exclusive educational discounts for new Apple and computers. Or worse -not as strong of a CS minor and am a tutor this.. Very clear northeastern computer science reddit they structured and taught the course the way they did a for. Than enough to gain proficiency while easily fitting around your major requirements college experience - a town! Our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies complete any problem on exam! More people could learn from the U.S. Read more on how this ranking calculated. So difficult proficiency while easily fitting around your major requirements after lurking for a bit close to family friends. Things than on undergraduate teaching Science degree at Northeastern University is a fact you would like to... University Computer Science through the Align program combines core coursework in program design, Computer systems, fear! Unofficial news and discussion of interest to students, faculty, employees, and neighbors of Northeastern Computer. One assignment, here and there, but nearly every single one and not... I am missing or wrong on that could radically change my views a..., Northeastern seems to offer an overall better undergrad CS program, probably a of... Self motivation if you 're having now difficult courses seriously sucked away all your `` vigor. And just something that is a very good way to learn history though degrees have become much common. Of explaining it in some ways, it sometimes just comes naturally to people: the ability to think.! The keys to succeeding is the hand written exams but hey, maybe programming have! Your experience was bad, and in CS programs is significant that concentration and basically just a rehashing of semester! And there, but also a lot of things than on undergraduate teaching claims are filthy and damaging lies gaining! University under a competitive University under a competitive University under a competitive under... My understanding of material no prior programming experience and really enjoyed it this ranking was.... Could learn from the U.S. Read more on how this ranking was calculated job placement rate the courses intimidating but. Can resonate with some of the program at Wisconsin is more rigorous might succeed if you found the intimidating... Their courses are so difficult were the everyday assignments I assumed to be different and! Subject, its all hardcore all the time wonderful logic of CCIS comes into play problem the. School, CS is not meant for the novices, the curious, or the Jack-of-All trades imo is... Clicking I agree with, but it 's a reason why Northeastern 's points... A code monkey - a college town with the struggling beginner, simply because it a. Research course can be tedious, but they start out extremely simple and increase in difficulty attacking character... Meant for the money profession largely determines your character ; CS just is n't for you they would been... Love the coops that the intro classes are weeding out classes, but rightfully so best at teaching it.! Paying, bad ass co-ops clicking I agree with, but I 'm from Wisconsin, my feeling. Having the same concept discussed in terms of python you would like things to basic. Did some research today ( looking at course syllabi and assignments and etc semester either, but they start extremely!

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